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How much good does volunteering do? A framework for evaluating conservation volunteer projects.

Kim Roques – Founder, All out Africa


Kim’s webinar will present some of the debate on whether volunteer tourism really does good or not. He will present some information from All Out Africa on who typically participates in such experiences and what their motivations are and why this is relevant. He will then present a framework for evaluating conservation volunteer projects. He will offer a case study from All Out Africa as an example of how to apply the framework. He will then discuss some of the merits for applying an industry standard or educating prospective volunteers to become responsible decision makers.


 Kim Roques is a conservationist turned social entrepreneur. He grew up in rural Swaziland, where he currently lives with his wife and 2 children and is a sports enthusiast and outdoor adventurer. Initially a researcher (MSc cum laude – UK) in conservation & applied ecology with publications of over 500 citations, Kim spent a formative 4 years of his career as senior warden and senior ecologist for the conservation authority of Swaziland. He spent the next 3 years as manager of a conservation and community development project for the World Bank and Swaziland Government. In 2004 he founded All Out Africa which has grown to become one of Africa’s leading responsible travel enterprises. He has been instrumental in the establishment of a large number of conservation, education and community development projects across southern Africa. He is a board member of three non-profits and a government tourism authority. Kim has founded five successful and growing businesses and a growing non-profit. His aim is to grow enterprises that benefit wildlife and people in Africa and help others do so to eradicate poverty and conserve wildlife, and to enjoy the journey.

All Out Africa

All Out Africa creates adventures that change lives. It is a social enterprise comprising both a business and a non-profit that operates across four countries in Africa and employs almost 50 staff. Volunteer experiences have been one of its key product divisions since inception. All Out Africa also offers a range of educational, cultural and wildlife tour experiences and runs a range of accommodation facilities, a savannah research centre, a marine research centre and 7 community education centres.