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Marketing Real Social Impact: how to record, measure and communicate alternative travel facts

Christina Tunnah – Head of the Americas, World Nomads


Travel has positive and negative consequences, but do you know what these are in quantifiable terms when it comes to your own programmes and do you help young consumers to understand their options to travel responsibly?
This session will discuss some of the methods, tools, and technology available to help you assess the social impact of your programmes and communicate social impact, whether good or bad, in an honest and meaningful manner for the consumer.


 Christina Margarita Tunnah, is Head of The Americas for Worldnomads.com and the Brazil brand, Vivamos. Previously, she was a Director of Marketing for Lonely Planet, where she managed marketing and PR and was a co-owner of a sustainable manufacturer of recycled glass architectural material. Christina was a Park Fellow at Cornell University where she received her MBA and was born and raised (mostly) in England. A keen world traveler, outdoor adventurer, and cook, Christina speaks Spanish, Mandarin and French with enough Italian, Farsi, Japanese and Portuguese to get around, order a round and solicit a laugh.