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Experiences create memories, but data is the soil in which they are cultivated

David Turnbull – Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer, SnapShot

WYSTC 2017 Montreal

Experience has been and always will be central to travel, whether it’s an immersive cultural learning experience, ease of booking, customer service from a travel agent, or the hospitality of an accommodation provider. Chatbots, virtual reality, and artificially intelligent robots are creeping into the world of travel experiences, but the ‘experiencification’ of nearly everything is happening in both our ‘real’ and digital lives. Furthermore, it’s being branded, by big and small, and its popular with your target audience: young people.

Experiences create lasting memories, that develop stronger connections back to your brand, but how can you focus on making good ones and learning from the bad that slipped by? Data. And guess what, you don’t need to be a global chain to derive value from data for your organisation and line of business- you just need to take control.

Join David Turnbull, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of SnapShot as he discusses ‘value for data’ and how travel businesses serving the youth market should be positioning technology to serve not only the traveller, but the organisation with the insights needed to make smart decisions for the future.


David Turnbull is the Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of SnapShot, serving on the Board of Directors. His focus is on growing SnapShot to help hotels and partners access and use their data to forward hotel technology. Having been involved with revenue management, distribution and hotel analytics for more than 20 years, David has worked to develop from grassroots some of the most forward thinking hotels and hotel companies such as Design Hotels, citizenM and 25hours to name a few. As a co-chair of the HEDNA Hotel Analytics Working Group, guest lecturer at ESSEC and EHL in addition to speaking at events around the world, David is a known and passionate hospitality technology thought leader.