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Work and Travel Toolkit

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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The importance of advocating the value of work abroad visas

Access to work abroad visas is the foundation upon which young people can have the freedom of movement across borders and enjoy reciprocal working holiday opportunities in each other’s countries. Of course, fundamental to the success of the work abroad industry is the availability of appropriate visas that can stimulate and enable youth mobility.

WYSE Travel Confederation is continually working towards strengthening relationships with governments to raise the awareness of the value of the sector and advocating the importance of work abroad programmes.

It is important that we – as an industry – collectively lobby for change to strengthen our voice and with the aim to reduce barriers and foster work abroad travel.

Lobbying needs to be strategic and well planned to be effective. When it comes to government and visa policy, it is essential to present a framework that provides a robust, factual and compelling case that catches the attention of government agencies, key decision-makers and regulators.

Tips on how to develop a position paper

To support our members’ advocacy efforts to encourage destinations to establish work abroad visas, WYSE Travel Confederation has developed a blueprint – a step-by-step guide on how to drive advocacy for youth mobility and how to build a case that will demand government discussion and help create momentum for change.

Download your copy of the blueprint today and make sure you maximise your lobbying efforts!