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Global Youth Travel Awards 2018

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Best Sustainable Tour Operator 2018

G Adventures

G Adventures carries 200,000 travellers every year, from 160 countries and employing more than 2,200 people worldwide in 28 offices in the field. G Adventures are committed to delivering authentic, local experiences so that travellers have the opportunity to meet local communities and create meaningful connections, while benefitting from jobs and the empowerment that comes with employment. From wealth distribution, empowering women, providing new paths for youths, and conserving cultures, G Adventures worked with Planeterra to successfully launch 26 new projects in 17 countries in 2016 and 2017

G Adventures use locally-owned suppliers, transport, accommodation, and tour guides, or as they call them, “chief experience officers” or CEOs. G Adventures are proud to say that 91% of their supply chain is locally owned and run, and together with their non-profit partner, Planeterra, they currently take travellers to 58 social enterprise projects or ‘G for Good’ projects as they call them, around the world.

These projects benefit women, at-risk youth, and rural and Indigenous communities which are then built into more than 200 G Adventures tours, meaning more than 86,000 travellers had the opportunity to visit and experience a local meal, accommodation, handicrafts workshop, community tour or transport service owned and led by one of these social enterprises in the past year.

Learn more about their initiative here.