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Global Youth Travel Awards 2018

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Best Social Space in a Hostel 2018

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a casual, young and vibrant city and it was these elements reflected in the design of Abraham Hostels‘ award winning social space. Abraham Hostels believes that old buildings have historic, sentimental and economic value. They need not be demolished and can be recycled into something new and useful to the community. Since 2016, Abraham Hostel is located in a building that was inaugurated in 1938 as the first automated telephone exchange building in the city of Tel Aviv. Many of the original features of the old building, such as windows and pillars, have been preserved and can still be seen in the lounge design.

The space has a constant buzz and is a treasure trove of materials and textures; rich fabrics, patterned floors, and interesting artwork vie for attention with large, exciting graffiti murals. Additional industrial-style elements blend well with the urban views of the city. Eclectic furniture and accessories have been used in unexpected ways; low tables are fashioned from vintage suit-cases, or large bar lights are made from old theatre lighting fixtures. Pieces of furniture which are broken or worn-out are replaced by alternative pieces, so the lounge evolves and alters over time.

The spectacular 600-meter lounge is definitely the beating heart of Abraham Hostel, Tel Aviv. This exceptional large, open-plan social space is where the hostel invested most of their resources; to make it as comfortable, multi-functional and interactive as possible. Guests can cook in the fully-equipped communal kitchen, share food at the long communal tables, sit at the lively bar, take part in activities or enjoy a concert by a local or international band. These activities are mostly free for guests, yet also open to locals, providing the unique opportunity to interact with the community.

Learn more about their initiative here.