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Global Youth Travel Awards 2018

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Best Education Abroad Provider 2018

Greenheart International

Since 1985, Greenheart International has been a catalyst for global transformation through the facilitation of cultural exchange programmes. The Greenheart Odyssey Program embodies the organisation’s mission to provide amazing life experiences that fuse community-based projects with international cultural exchange.

The Odyssey Program includes five events that a participant can grow along with. From Camp Greenheart to Greenheart Quest, pre-teens and teens engage in an eye-opening service-oriented educational experience.

“Living on a remote camp [in Puerto Rico] with no cell service and little electricity or hot water while working as a team each day to restore plants, roads, pipes, and compost gardens was a rewarding experience for all of us,” said Kate Powers, a Greenheart Chaperone. “A number of students had never travelled outside of their home city area before, so it was wonderful to see their reactions and perceptions on every aspect of the trip. We were able to aide with hurricane clean up on a rainforest reserve while also learning about the local plant life and ways to preserve the environment in our everyday lives.”

Greenheart International programmes, such as the Odyssey Program, continue to grow and evolve to deliver meaningful service and education experiences while remaining relevant to contemporary issues.

Learn more about their initiative here.