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Code of Conduct

1. Preamble

The mission of WYSE Travel Confederation is to “increase international understanding through the promotion of travel and educational opportunities for students and youth.”
The professional conduct of business between Confederation members and their clients, between the Members themselves, and between the Members and the Confederation can support the achievement of this mission.
The members of WYSE Travel Confederation therefore agree to abide by this Code of Conduct, which sets out professional standards and expectations for the conduct of the Confederation and its Members.

2. Objectives

The objectives of this Code of Conduct are to:

a. Support the advancement of WYSE Travel Confederation’s mission to “increase international understanding through the promotion of travel and educational opportunities for students and youth.”
b. Maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of WYSE Travel Confederation and its Members
c. Promote ethical behaviour and responsible practices by Members in their dealings with the Confederation, each other, their customers, and other partners.

3. Responsibilities

3.1. Observe Laws

Members will observe the laws in all countries in which they operate, particularly in relation to:   

a. Registration of business and services
b. Handling of monies paid by clients
c. Insurance
d. Employment of properly trained and qualified staff
e. Health and safety of clients and staff protection of the environment

3.2. Conduct of Business

Members will conduct their affairs in a manner which:

a. Is ethical and professional
b. Is mindful of the health and safety of clients and staff
c. Is consistent with the notion of providing a special duty of care for the safety of young travellers and other young clients
d. Does not harm the reputation or good name of the Confederation and its Members
e. Meets the standards set by quality control or licensing bodies with which the Member has voluntarily agreed to comply or which, by law, it is required to meet
f. Is respectful of the environment
g. Encourages respect for the world’s cultures, and is consistent with the Confederation’s recognition of the principles of democracy, freedom, human rights, respect for the environment and cultural diversity, and non-discrimination on the basis of any race, religion, ethnicity, sex or political creed.

3.3. Refrain from Unethical Conduct

Members will not engage or participate in any activity which can reasonably be expected to damage the reputation of the Confederation.

3.4. Obligations of Members to other Members and Clients

Members will:

a. Produce no advertisements or publications of any sort which knowingly contain information that is likely to mislead customers or potential business partners.
b. Advise customers, insofar as is practicable, of passport and visa requirements which are necessary for any journey being undertaken.
c. Ensure that all contracts with other Members clearly specify the terms and time for payment of services rendered. Members are responsible for payment as per agreed terms.
d. Act in good faith at all times in the performance of their contacts with other Members.
e. Ensure that all agreements with other Members regarding the provision of services to third parties specify the respective roles of principal and agent.
f. Respond promptly and fully to any correspondence from another Member in relation to any business transaction between them.
g. Ensure that in a timely manner they provide other Members with full and accurate information regarding all matters relevant to their contracts, including information related to:


I The nature, condition and extent of their services and facilities
II Prices
III Discontinuation of or changes to any services

h. Not accept or use any propriety commercial information (such as client mailing lists) of another Member which has been obtained or disclosed without the authority of that Member.
j. Provide support to customers including, wherever possible, provision for emergency contact and assistance.

3.5. Obligations of Members to WYSE Travel Confederation

Members will:

a. Abide by the WYSE Travel Confederation Articles of Association, Code of Conduct, Rules & Regulations and all other regulations of the Confederation, as these may be amended from time to time.
b. Advise the Confederation of any change of name, ownership or control of their organisation no later than one month after such changes takes effect.
c. Pay their annual membership fee and any other monies payable to the Confederation as and when such payments become due.
d. Comply with requests from the Confederation to provide statistical data and otherwise support its research endeavours.
e. Provide the Confederation with any information which is relevant to the organisation’s membership status within the Confederation.
f. Not directly or indirectly cause, allow, assist or encourage any person, company or organisation which is not a Member of the Confederation to represent itself as a Member, whether by using the Confederation’s logo or by any other means.

4. Breaches of the Code of Conduct

4.1. Notice of Intended Complaints

Public criticism can unfairly damage the reputation of a Member and the Confederation. Accordingly, no Member will publicly claim a breach of this Code of Conduct by another Member unless and until it has provided that Member with:

a. The full details of the alleged breach of the Code of Conduct
b. Notice of its intention to refer the alleged breach to the WYSE Travel Confederation Management Board
c. A period of not less than 14 days to respond to the complaint before notifying the Management Board

4.2. Report Breaches to the Management Board or Director General

When a complaint has not been resolved by the Members themselves, a Member may inform either the Management Board or the Director General of an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct.
Such reports must be in writing and must be accompanied by copies of all correspondence or material related to the alleged breach, including the correspondence in which the Member informed the other Member of its intention to notify the Management Board/DG of the alleged breach.

4.3.Report Confidential

All reports of alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct will be treated by the Management Board and/or Director General as confidential until a finding has been made.

4.4. Confirming Notice Given

Before considering a reported breach, the Management Board or Director General will confirm that the Member who is the subject of the alleged breach is informed of the complaint.

4.5. Opportunity to Explain or Rectify

The Management Board or Director General must provide the Member who is the subject of the alleged breach with an opportunity to rectify or explain the offending behaviour.

4.6. Findings of the Management Board or Director General

Once it has carefully investigated the alleged breach of the Code of Conduct, the Management Board may decide that (a) no such breach has in fact occurred, or (b) determine that the Member has in fact engaged in actions, practices or behaviour which is inconsistent with the spirit or articles of the Code of Conduct.

4.7. Patterns of Minor Misconduct

Where the Management Board or Director General finds a pattern of minor misconduct, it/he/she may decide that such a pattern in total constitutes serious or gross misconduct.

4.8. Sanctions for Misconduct

Where the Management Board or Director General finds that an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct by a Member constitutes misconduct, it/he/she may exercise the authority specified in the WYSE Travel Confederation Constitution to either suspend or terminate the organisation’s membership, or specify other remedies deemed to be reasonable in the circumstances.