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The value of digital spend during COVID-19

Jason Rieff, Founder, JSR Consultancy

Recorded on 14 May 2020

Key learnings

Jason Rieff talks social and online and touches on topics like the current social landscape, digital spends, where and how brands can take advantage and how to become stronger than ever. Most importantly, Jason explains why it’s necessary to keep pushing forward even if your gut says to pull back.


About Jason
Jason Rieff is a hospitality and marketing consultant specialising in performance marketing, branding, PR and social media. Having most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer of the global hospitality brand Generator, Jason has vast experience in the hospitality and lifestyle branding sectors. Prior to joining Generator Jason was the national strategy director for the global advertising firm We Are Social (Germany), where he held a seat on the European Leadership Committee as well as the Global Strategy Council. Having worked on an array of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Beats by Dre, Pentahotels, Holiday Inn, Accor, and others, Jason has been able to secure himself a number of international marketing awards and accolades.

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