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Saurabh Sabharwal

Company:Volunteering Travel Solutions

Job title: Executive Director

How many years has your organisation been a continuous member? 13

Which Sector Panel do you fall under? Cultural Exchange

Years of relevant experience you have for this role: 16

Please indicate any relevant qualifications you have for this role
I have had significant experience while leading my organization for the last 16 years.

Please give a full outline of your professional and personal experience and skills that are relevant to your application
Since the conception of Volunteering Solutions in 2006, I am personally involved in day-to-day activities to date. I am passionate about travel, with my roots in India, I have lived in 3 countries so far, and have traveled to 44 countries for personal and work-related activities. During each of my visits, I make sure to indulge in local food and try to live with host families where possible. Whether it is feeding the elephants at a camp in Thailand or jungle safari in Kenya, savoring the local cuisine of Kathmandu or buying trinkets at a beach in South Africa, I have enjoyed all of my trips with the locals of the place.
My passion for travel and experiencing varied cultures pushed me to the conception of Volunteering Solutions, through which I am able to enable thousands of people to experience what I have. My work itself involves and encourages cultural exchange with the youth of today. We have host families in nearly all of the 150 projects across the world where our participants stay during their program, which allows our participants to experience first-hand experience of the country, their culture, and cuisine.

In no more than 25 words please state why you are perfect for this position
My passion for learning about cultures, traveling around the world, and exploring local cuisine and lives makes me perfect for this position.