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Take action, track progress and
transform the world:
Transforming authenticity, sustainability and community support
from marketing buzzwords into operating philosophies


Agustina Gutierrez, TINGUA


Wendy Morrill,
WYSE Travel Confederation

In 2019 we saw massive protests and a global uprising against exponential economic growth that has left so many people behind, abuse of our natural resources and dangerous xenophobia. The world has seen increasingly destructive storms and wildfires, 60% of its animal species disappear and 40% of its ice caps melt away. And now COVID-19.

It is easy to feel as though we are in the middle of a global panic attack, but we, the travel industry, now have a rare opportunity to reassess the impacts of and opportunities for our industry. It is imperative that every business consider ways to operate sustainably and ethically. So how can you transform your operational philosophy? Start with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Join Agustina Gutierrez, Co-founder and Director of TINGUA, a B Corp focussed on intercultural experiences, for practical tips on changing your business philosophy and getting started with the SDG Action Manager, a free web-based impact management tool developed by B Lab and the United Nations Global Compact that enables businesses to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through 2030.

Launched in January 2020, the SDG Action Manager has been rooted in the globally recognised Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. Topics include questions about commitments to human rights, positive labour practices, environmental management systems and good governance. The 17 distinct SDGs are interconnected and holistic. By offering a baseline module that provides a comprehensive introduction, all users will get a general understanding of their performance across many cross-cutting and foundational issues.

During this session you’ll learn:

Why your business should take action on the Sustainable Development Goals
How your business can use the SDG Action Manager
Examples of business operating for good.
Let’s embrace one of the most important trends of our lifetime— the growing global movement of people using business as a force for good. Some are small businesses, some are multinationals, but all are creating meaningful work with dignity and purpose.

Which goals is your business prepared to take meaningful action on over the next decade? These are ambitious goals and they need to be met with equally bold and collective business action. If not now, then when?

Agustina Gutierrez

Co-founder & Director,


Agustina is Co-founder and Director of Tingua, a company that promotes a positive and sustainable social impact throughout the world by international volunteering and professional training programmes. This year Tingua received certification as a B Corp, joining the ranks of businesses that voluntarily meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability, ultimately balancing profit and purpose.

Agustina has always been interested in learning about other cultures, thus she engaged in many intercultural experiences while in high school. As she pursued her degree in International Relations in Cordoba, Argentina, she became a member of AIESEC INTERNATIONAL, and Project Coordinator of International Cooperation Programmes for AL INVEST. Her professional career in the youth and travel industry started as a Volunteer & Internship Program Manager for COINED International. Her passion for travelling took her to Brazil to work at a hostel. When she returned to Cordoba, she opened her own hostel called LINK. Today, it’s a family business and has two branches in the city.

In 2010 Agustina & a Mexican colleague Claudia, founded Tingua based on a solid policy of working on long-term partnerships with agencies, suppliers and host organisations which aim to build a sustainable network to work together sharing the same ethical values, ideals and committed to the welfare of our global society.