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Supporting sustainable youth tourism
development, one traveller at a time


Andrew Grossmann

Director of Partnership and Engagement,
Sustainable Travel International

Andrew Grossmann, Director of Partnership and Engagement, will be leading the hour-long session, which will focus on emerging trends in sustainable tourism, travel philanthropy, and climate compatible development, understanding how to harness the power of travel and tourism to generate positive impacts in the destinations where you operate and leveraging travel and carbon philanthropy to increase traveller engagement.

He will answer questions, including:

  • What is travel and carbon emission philanthropy?
  • How do they provide value to my organisation?
  • How can I incorporate travel philanthropy into my business?
  • Andrew will also take questions from the audience during the session.

Andrew Grossmann

Director of Partnership and Engagement

Sustainable Travel International

Andrew Grossman is the Director of Partnerships and Engagement at Sustainable Travel International. He brings to the table a wealth of experience in travel-based carbon emission calculation and developing portfolios of community supported emissions projects.Andrew has played an integral role in developing and executing United Airlines’ carbon emission calculation and offset programme.