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Show, don’t tell: Social media marketing
and selling your programmes


Audrey Scott
Daniel Noll

Uncornered Marketing

During the hour-long session, social media experts Daniel and Audrey, who are behind one of the world’s top travel blogs, will be exploring how successful social media interaction has the potential to convert customers into brand advocates, to include:

  • Harnessing your participants as advocates to promote your programmes via social media
  • Why effective storytelling is crucial in differentiating your offering, educating consumers and convincing them to act and purchase
  • Specific social media storytelling elements, strategies, platforms, and tools that enable exposure, engagement and brand advocacy
  • How to leverage the power of engagement with storytelling agents, including enlisting your customers to help tell and share your story.

Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll


Uncornered Marketing

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are writers, digital storytellers, speakers and consultants. They are co-founders and editors of one of the world’s top travel blogs, Uncornered Market, winner of the 2015 Best Responsible Tourism Blog at the World Responsible Tourism Awards.
They work and partner with various tourism boards and organizations, including a long-running partnership with G Adventures via their innovative Wanderers in Residence program.
Together, Dan and Audrey have been travelling the world for over 16 years together, telling stories about destinations’ experiential, meaningful dimensions, often challenging stereotypes and shifting perceptions along the way. After visiting more than 90 countries, they are still going…and still married.