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Service Learning and Community Engagement in the
Developing World: A Responsible Approach


Ilir Zherka,

Executive Director
The Alliance for International Exchange

After one of the most tumultuous years in the history of international exchange, 2021 will begin with a new American president, Joe Biden, and the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. While visa policy changes are likely in the United States, what might those changes be and when might they occur? Also, partisan divisions continue to intensify in the United States. What might that mean for relations between the Congress and the White House, and for immigration and visa policy long-term? To learn more about these issues, join Ilir Zherka, Executive Director of the Alliance for International Exchange, for a timely discussion.

Ilir Zherka

Executive Director

The Alliance for International Exchange

Ilir Zherka joined the Alliance for International Exchange as Executive Director in early 2016.

Ilir is a life-long human and civil rights leader. He has served as the Executive Director of three other organizations, where he worked on a bipartisan basis to help end ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, advance DC representation in Congress, and increase civic engagement. Ilir gained policy and political experience working with Congressman George Miller, serving as an advisor to four presidential campaigns, and as a political appointee in the Clinton Administration.

Ilir is the author of Winning the Inside Game: the Handbook of Advocacy Strategies. He has testified before Congress and has appeared on a wide-range of television and radio news programs. As a recognized community leader, Ilir has received numerous awards including the Whitney M. Young Jr. Leadership Award and the John F. Kennedy Public Service Award.

Ilir has personal experience with exchange programs. He was an IREX fellow in Albania and helped to create the Hope Fellowship program. Ilir is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Virginia School of Law.

Ilir is Albanian-American. He immigrated as a child with his family to the United States, speaks Albanian, and grew up in New York City.