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Multi-channel analytics for online success:
breaking walls between online channels


Elena Rodríguez

Marketing Manager.
Internet Advantage

During the past few years companies have started using more online marketing channels. In order to measure the performance of these channels, specialised tools have become available, making analysis increasingly efficient. However, these different tools have also built walls between online marketing channels, causing a separation and fragmentation among channels. As a result, companies are separated into different silos that work on their own targets without consideration of the overarching company result.
In order to break down these walls, different data sources must come together. Companies need more than just partial KPIs; they also need multi-channel analytics and a dashboard system where company results can be analysed and visualised.
During this session Elena will provide a brief history of digital marketing, the rise of mobile and the millennial generation. The benefits of multi-channel analytics and dashboarding will be discussed, as well as tips for establishing KPIs for your educational travel business.

Elena Rodríguez

Marketing Manager

Internet Advantage
Elena Rodríguez is Marketing Manager at Internet Advantage. She is passionate about communication and intrigued by digital media’s capacity for bi-directional communication between brands and audiences. Elena joined Internet Advantage in 2010. Prior to joining Internet Advantage she worked for Global Exchange Group, Skype and Proporta. She has also been a teacher in the area of marketing and communications.