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Keeping international students connected:
Social media best practices during social distancing


Liz Harter, University of Notre Dame
Colleen Wilcox, University of Notre Dame


Wendy Morrill,
WYSE Travel Confederation

As the Coronavirus pandemic upended life across the globe, the travel and tourism industry was hit hard as travel restrictions and shelter-in-place measures were enacted. These restrictions have had a major impact on international students across the world.

In the US at the University of Notre Dame, all study abroad programmes were suspended in late February and early March and students were returned to their homes. However, many of these students continued to “study abroad” from a different location and time zone, leaving university administrators to find ways to keep students connected to their study abroad homes, classes and classmates.

Discussion points in this webinar:

  • How to keep students engaged with international destinations they are unable to be in during this time and/or as they study remotely
  • Strategies to keep international students engaged and connected
  • Best practices for how social media can assist in these goals

Liz Harter

Social Media Manager

University of Notre Dame
Liz Harter is passionate about social media and helping brands project their best selves on new media platforms. With a background in journalism and public relations, she is, at heart, a storyteller – though the stories are often told in 280-characters or less now. Currently, Liz serves as the Social Media Manager for the University of Notre Dame in the US. In that role she is the voice behind the highest-level accounts on the academic side of campus. She also consults on social media strategy with others both on campus and off.

Colleen Wilcox

Content Strategist

University of Notre Dame
Colleen Wilcox’s role as Content Strategist is truly an innovative role within Notre Dame International (NDI). Her job is to discover, develop and write dynamic stories about NDI’s work around the world, ensuring that the University is part of the conversation when it comes to international education, research, and engagement. As a former Emmy-award winning journalist and destination marketing professional, Colleen’s greatest strength is taking a message and connecting to a targeted audience in a way that inspires and sparks conversations.