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How can you create alignment and collaboration
with distributed teams?


Lawrence Walsh,

Co-Founder and Managing Director,
There Be Giants

We are all aware of the changes to the way we work since the pandemic; remote flexibility has had an impact on employee experience, productivity, and engagement. However, with distributed teams across different locations, some organisations face an ongoing challenge with alignment. The resulting misalignment leads to uncoordinated efforts and wasted resources. Alignment is critical for any organisation at any stage. How can you encourage positive collaboration and alignment across your organisation to ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction? Join Lawrence Walsh of There Be Giants to find out what you could be doing to improve the effectiveness of your team and navigate your organisation through uncertain times.

Lawrence Walsh

Co-Founder and Managing Director

There Be Giants

As Co-founder and MD of There Be Giants, Lawrence Walsh has led the organisation to become a globally recognised leader in the realm of OKRs. Sought out by both corporates and high-growth organisations, the TBG methodology helps build agility, foster engagement and knocks down silos to enable genuine collaboration.

With an international client base spread across both North and South America, South Africa, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe, geography bears no barriers to TBG’s impact. Lawrence also provides essential client support for OKR implementations alongside the arsenal of expert consultants, facilitating a smoother, more receptive transition to OKR software.