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Exchange students: Travellers of the world


Jesús Escrivá Muñoz , Erasmus Student Network

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) carries out an annual European-wide survey researching student trends in different aspects of mobility. The 2015 edition ESNsurvey: Local integration, Economic Impact and Accompanying measures in mobility, surveyed the travelling trends of Erasmus students.The ESNSurvey discovered that on average each exchange student welcomed 4.1 visitors during their stay abroad and that 25% of visited more than 10 countries during their educational stay.

During this presentation ESN’s Jesús Escrivá Muñoz will share insights from the survey that could help the youth tourism sector to develop better approaches to meeting student travel needs.

Jesús Escrivá Muñoz

Liaison officer

Erasmus Student Network
Jesús Escrivá Muñoz is a Liaison Officer of the Erasmus Student Network’s Lifelong Learning Platform, an umbrella association that gathers 39 European organisations active in the field of education and training. He was in charge of the ESNSurvey research from 2012 to 2015 and has broad knowledge on international education and a strong interest in education, research and technological innovation. Jesús currently lives in Barcelona where he is pursuing a PhD.