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Amanda Baker

Flamingo Punk

People don’t want more information from you. They want to get to know you and feel connected to you. They want stories. Whether it’s a story about why you started, or a story about the future you want to see, people are far more likely to listen and connect with what you have to say when you tell a story oozing with emotion. The big question is – what are the best stories you can be telling right now? Flamingo Punk has a way to help you find those stories and tell them to the world. It’s called 5 Stories.

People can’t rally around you if they don’t know who you are, what you do and why you’re here. The 5 Stories canvas clarifies exactly that, bringing consistency to everything you say and do. Think of it as a foundation. You can build on top of them and creatively bring your brand to life. 5 Stories is a framework that helps your brand come to life. It’s based on the idea that each story has a role to play in bringing you closer to your customers. If you’re looking to build strength and alignment with your team, start more meaningful conversations with your customers and show up wholeheartedly – this talk is for you.

What you will get out of this talk:

  • Why storytelling is vital to your company’s existence
  • The principles of storytelling
  • What 5 Stories you need to be telling and why
  • How to start telling your 5 Stories
  • A framework to communicate your 5 Stories

Amanda Baker


Flamingo Punk

Amanda Baker is the Co-founder of Flamingo Punk, a creative agency that collaborates with fast-growing companies to discover their best stories and take them to the world. Amanda has been helping companies to find and craft their stories for over eight years. She found a love for branding and storytelling when she launched her first business in 2012. After raising investment, she faced some tough decisions and decided to wind up the company in 2018. Since then she has followed her passion for building brands and has helped 50+ companies find, craft and tell their best stories to the world. Flamingo Punk works with some of the UK’s most talked about startups and scaleups like Soldo, Koru Kids, Crowdcube and more.