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New Horizons Series

The foundation of the WYSE research programme

New Horizons, first published in 2002, was the first-ever global study of student and youth travellers using primary research. 

The aim of New Horizons has always been to gather consistent and detailed transnational information on the youth and student travel market. It combines information on the social and cultural aspects of young travellers with data on travel purchases, booking methods, information gathering, destinations, activities and previous travel experiences. At a very basic level, you can expect to learn the following from New Horizons: 

  • Who travels, where, why, and how
  • How trips are planned and booked
  • How much is spent and on what

Given the study’s longevity, New Horizons also lends insight to longer term trends and future potential. The project is coordinated and conducted by WYSE Travel Confederation on behalf of its global network of members and other youth travel stakeholders. Its findings represent a global picture that is greater than any of the individual interests or characteristics of participating organisations.

Having surveyed more than 57,000 young travellers from 188 countries, New Horizons IV is the most comprehensive view on youth and student travellers to date. New Horizons IV: A global study of the youth and student traveller offers the results from the 2017 survey, as well as insights on the trends of youth and student travel since 2002.

New Horizons IV

Published July 2018 


From the same survey:

Having surveyed more than 34,000 young travellers from 137 countries, New Horizons III is an expansive view on youth and student travellers. The New Horizons III report offers the results of the 2012 survey, as well as insight on the trends of youth and student travel between 2002-2012.

New Horizons III

Published September 2013

From the same survey:

Language Traveller Report

Published January 2014

The Student Traveller

Published January 2014

Youth Travel Accommodation Usage

Published September 2013

New Horizons II

Published 2007

Having surveyed more than 8,500 young travellers, New Horizons II expanded on the first New Horizons study of youth travel that identified the unique motivations and travel characteristics of the global movement of independent young travellers. Findings from the New Horizons II report were selected for inclusion in a compendium of research on the youth and student travel market published by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2007, Youth Travel Matters: Understanding the Global Phenomenon of Youth Travel.

New Horizons in Independent Youth and Student Travel

Published September 2003

At its start, the New Horizons project aimed to gather consistent and detailed transnational information on the youth and student independent traveller market, combining information on the social and cultural aspects of young travellers (their backgrounds, motivations, and experiences) with data on travel purchases, information gathering, destinations, and previous travel experience.