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Festivals and the Millennial Traveller

Published May 2015

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Research categories: Activities and tours, Attractions, Consumer

The Millennial Traveller report series is based on WYSE Travel Confederation’s Millennial Traveller survey, which was conducted in 2014 to capture a snapshot of the behaviours, experiences and attitudes of Millennials, a young, yet influential demographic group of travellers born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s.

The series presents an analysis of responses regarding destinations, travel services, travel motivations, trip characteristics, use of the internet and mobile technology, plus attitudes towards current political and socio-economic issues through a number of short reports.

Each report is focused on a specific topic or sector of the youth travel industry and highlights issues of importance for the Millennial traveller, as well as opportunities for interacting with and serving Millennials.

Key takeaways

Festivals and the Millennial Traveller provides a snapshot of Millennial festival travel spending and preferences for a great festival experience, such as food & drink, big performing acts, and believe it or not – clean toilets.

Page count: 18

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