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Looking for the latest on youth and student travel?

WYSE research reports cover various aspects of this growing global travel market.


Youth Travel and Canada

Simply put, Canada is an important international tourism destination and source market. Canada attracted 20 million international arrivals in 2016 therefore it is not surprising that tourism ranks in the country’s top ten sources of export revenue. When it comes to youth travel, Canada has certainly not failed to realise the economic value of this segment of travellers who tend to stay longer and spend more than the average tourist, attract friends and family as visitors, and represent potential return visitors later in life. Canada is exemplary as far as best practices for youth travel; institutional partnerships, trade relations, and diplomatic ties are all viewed as benefiting from strategic mobility schemes for youth.

Youth Travel and Canada is based on findings from WYSE Travel Confederation’s New Horizons III survey and outlines the main characteristics of the country’s inbound and outbound youth and student travellers.

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STAY WYSE Booking Sources Report 2016

This report is based on the STAY WYSE Booking Sources Survey, which monitors the main distribution channels through which hostels and other youth travel accommodation (YTA) providers secure bookings. The 2016 report offers hostel operators insights that enable them to assess their position in the marketplace, benchmark their performance, and identify opportunities to increase revenue. Global and regional OTAs, travel agents, tour operators and other sources of bookings for hostels are examined. The report also offers a glimpse at how accommodation operators currently view sharing economy accommodation platforms such as Airbnb. Read more >>

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Project Perspectives on the Benefits of Volunteer Travel

Volunteer travel is popular among young people who would like a unique experience combining work and travel. It accounts for an estimated 2 to 5 percent of global youth travel, or 5.4 to 10 million of the more than 270 million arrivals per year. Volunteers contribute a considerable number of work days and spend in local economies and are among those young travellers that stay the longest and spend the most.

As volunteer travellers are hosted by a project and community, Project Perspectives on the Benefits of Volunteer Travel helps to better understand of the benefits of volunteer travel for the projects and local communities hosting visiting volunteers. This report follows Development through volunteering overseas.

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Youth and Student Travel Following the 2016 United States Presidential Election


This WYSE survey was conducted following the presidential election in the United States. Much like the WYSE BREXIT summary, this report outlines the business outlook for youth, student and educational travel according to operators and suppliers across all sectors.

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Youth Travel and Brexit

WYSE Brexit Survey summaryThe WYSE BREXIT survey was conducted between June 24th and June 30th 2016, the period immediately after the referendum result was announced on the morning of June 24th. This summary of findings outlines the business outlook for youth, student and educational travel, according to operators and suppliers from across the segment.



Festivals as Youth Tourism Destinations


Festivals have become an important element of tourism and the popularity of music festivals is growing rapidly. Young people want to travel to see their favourite bands and artists in new settings and in a holiday atmosphere. This drawing power of festivals is actively being utilised used by destinations around the world to attract new visitors and to develop new tourism locations.

Festivals as Youth Tourism Destinations reviews the growing popularity of festivals, with a specific focus on the important music festivals market and the youth tourism audience.


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Youth Travel and Serbia

YouthTravelandSerbia-coverInternational youth travel is very important for Serbia, and in particular the city of Belgrade. Lonely Planet ranked Belgrade fifth in its ‘Top ten best places to be in 2015’ list and the number of hostels in Belgrade has increased dramatically in the last few years, reflecting the rapid growth in youth tourism demand.

In preparation for the 25th World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) taking place in Belgrade, Serbia this year, WYSE Travel Confederation will publish, Youth Travel and Serbia, a report outlining the key characteristics of the in-and outbound youth travel markets for Serbia and the potential that exists to strengthen this up-and-coming youth travel destination.

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