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Fast Facts

Travellers ages 15 to 29 make valuable economic and social impacts on the places they visit.

Youth travellers are:

  • Millions on the move…accounting for 23% of international arrivals each year – more than 284 million travellers in 2016.
  • Not just a budget market…generating more than USD 280 billion in international tourism receipts in 2016, backpackers and gap year students stay longer and spend more than other tourists – on average, USD 3,000 during a 58-day trip.
  • Travelling with a purpose…seeking meaningful, but educational travel experiences that mix cultural immersion, study, language learning, work experience and/or volunteering which help to broaden their skills and knowledge.
  • Global trendsetters…eager to explore the undiscovered gems of a destination; young travellers are the resilient, flexible and undeterred trendsetters of the global travel industry.

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