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Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the European hostel and hotel industry

Kelsey Fenerty and Patrick Mayock, STR

Recorded on 8 April 2020

STR’s Patrick Mayock and Kelsey Fenerty will provide the latest data and insights into the COVID-19 pandemic impact on hostel and hotel performance in key markets around Europe. There will be time set aside for Q&A.


Kelsey Fenerty, Research Analyst, STR
Kelsey Fenerty is a Research Analyst in the Research & Development department at STR. In this role, she manages STR’s hostel benchmarking program and speaks and writes on hostel and hotel trends, particularly as they relate to macroeconomics. Kelsey is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a master’s degree in Economics.

Patrick Mayock, Vice President, Research & Development, STR
As VP of Research & Development, Patrick Mayock identifies new opportunities, methodologies and solutions to ensure the continued success of STR’s future. He also helps support the company’s strategic planning efforts and leads the company’s thought leadership platform. Attendees of the STAY WYSE Hostel Business Conference will know Patrick as a regular contributor to the conference’s hostel performance metrics update.


Wendy Morrill, WYSE Travel Confederation

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