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Build or Buy: developing or adopting an educational framework to support your cultural exchange programme

Speaker: Linda Stuart – Education and Training Specialist, Sentio Global Education Network

Recorded on 3 May 2018

Key learnings
This session will review the process and overall timeline that Sentio followed in its development and implementation of an education framework to grow program participants’ global competency.   We’ll consider the project from start to finish –  for example, roughly how many weeks, months, etc, the questions we asked, research/best practices we considered, key players involved, mistakes along the way to implementation, and our briefly highlight our offering.   We’ll cover the pro’s and con’s of building vs buying pre-departure, on-programme and re-entry cultural competency support.
Speaker biography

Linda Stuart is the Education and Training Specialist for Sentio Global Education Network, a subsidiary of AFS Intercultural, Inc. where she manages the Global Competence Certificate.
She is President of Alma, Inc. and previously was Global Citizens Network’s Executive Director. Linda is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, Global Competency Inventory, Intercultural Effectiveness Scale and holds an executive coaching certificate from the University of Minnesota.  Linda has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Chile and a Bachelor of Arts from Augsburg College.

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