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Industry Reviews Series

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

WYSE Archives

The Industry Review reports summarise the findings of research on secondary sources, compiling and analysing available data on industry matters that affect business, including mobility, pricing, customer preferences, marketing and general dynamics of the youth and student travel market.

Industry Review #7: Pricing II

Published September 2015

Industry Review No. 7 – Pricing II features the global market intelligence as of Q2 2015 on pricing in the youth and student travel industry.

Industry Review #6: Market Development & Marketing

Published June 2015

This publication provides a look at marketing tools, booking patterns, marketing costs and other marketing-related activities across various sectors of the youth travel industry.

Industry Review #5: Data, Statistics & Trends II

Published December 2014

Industry Review #5 aims to bring sectors of the youth travel industry to a comparable level by identifying, analysing and interpreting existing secondary data.

Industry Review #4: Marketing

Published March 2014


This publication analyses insights across the language travel, higher education, work experience, volunteer travel and adventure travel sectors.

Industry Review #3: Product Development

Published December 2013

This publication focuses on Language travel, Higher Education, Exchange/Work Experience, Volunteer Travel and Backpacking/Adventure Travel.

Industry Review #2: Pricing

Published March 2012


This publication compiles data on industry matters that affect members’ businesses and include areas such as market mobility, pricing, customer preferences and marketing.

Industry Review #1: Data, Statistics & Trends

Published July 2011


This publication starts with a look at the latest available global tourism figures and the broad youth and student travel market, setting the context, before looking at six selected industry sectors.