ITB Berlin 2010

Berlin, Germany — 10-14 March 2010

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What Drives Generation Z to Study Abroad?

Andrea Kammerer – Senior Business Analyst, AFS Intercultural Programs


This webinar is based on the findings from Mapping Generation Z: Attitudes Toward International Education Program, an expansive, first-of-its-kind report exploring the motivations for and hindrances to international study among the mysterious youngest generation. Andrea will share some of the revelations about the attitudes and perceptions of high school students from Generation Z on studying abroad, experiencing new ideas and immersing themselves in drastically different cultures than their own.


Andrea Kammerer is originally from Hungary where she received a degree in Media and Communications. She gained experience in online marketing and market research at H2Online Ltd. in Hungary before moving to New York to join AFS Intercultural Programs. Currently she works as Senior Business Analyst at AFS. During the Mapping Generation Z project, she coordinated the data collection process in close collaboration with AFS Partners and executed the data visualization of global and country-specific findings.