Mapping Generation Z – Attitudes toward international education programs

Hristo Banov – AFS Intercultural Programs

WYSTC 2017 Montreal

Mapping Generation Z: Attitudes Toward International Education Programs, conducted by AFS Intercultural Programs, is a truly global, first-of-its-kind report exploring the motivations for and hindrances to international study among the youngest generation, Generation Z. The goal of this study is to reveal the perceptions of present-day teenagers on studying and living abroad, experiencing new ideas and immersing themselves in drastically different cultures than their own. How do various factors play into the student decision-making process for international education programs? This session will examine key findings from the study, including:

  • Cultural exploration as the main motivation to go abroad prevails in all global regions
  • English speaking destinations dominate in popularity
  • Affordability remains a barrier to student mobility
  • Program specifics emerge as the main choice influencers
  • Apprehensiveness about security tops the list of concerns

The seminar will also elaborate on other aspects that most likely play a role in a prospective participant’s decision to undertake study abroad. These include a variety of influencing factors and actors, initial attitudes of destination countries, price sensitivity, and personal concerns. Those interested in creating and fine-tuning product offerings for Generation Z will benefit from insights shared during this session.


Hristo Banov was born and raised in Bulgaria and moved to the USA to attain his university degree in International Studies and Economics with Summa Cum Laude honors. Hristo currently holds a managerial position at the International Office of AFS Intercultural Programs where he oversees a data analysis and research team. His academic and professional background is bolstered by several specialized certifications in the areas of market research, customer analytics, data analysis, and data-driven visualization. He is responsible for the overall project planning, research methodology, and visual design of Mapping Generation Z – the research project which will be presented as a seminar at the WYSTC 2017 conference.