Integrated Learning & Experiential Travel – Creating Relevant and Engaging Study & Travel Programs for the New Learner

Leslie Zulauf – Founder & Director,  ISX Canada

WYSTC 2017 Montreal
Mobile Experiential Learning, Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Citizenship, and EdTech are just a few of the drivers that are changing the landscape in international education. “Teachers” are moving from “Sage on the Stage” to “Guide on the Side”, and a more globally-focused, integrated model is emerging. The advent of new technology is also changing the where, when and how of learning. In this brief overview, Leslie will discuss some ways to enhance travel experiences, examine new learning models, and look at how one school board is already on the road to changing the way education is delivered.


Leslie Zulauf (BA, MBA) is the Founder and Director of student travel companies ISX Canada (Toronto) and ISX World (Boston). Founded in 1999, ISX hosts tens of thousands of domestic and international students each year on cultural and educational tours around North America. In addition to creating a number of other start-ups, Leslie’s experiences also include teaching engagements on three countries (Canada, Japan, and Colombia), in areas such as ESL, economics, accounting, and entrepreneurship. His interest in educational models and systems theory is inspired by the voluminous work of R. Buckminster Fuller, in particular Fuller’s ideas related to education.