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Emerging Destinations for Work & Travel Experiences

Ana Baiget Viale, Live It Out
Vicki Cunningham, BUNAC (Moderator)
Anna Korobkova, TravelWorks
Libby Law, SWAP Working Holidays
Rafael Zelmann, Work and Travel Argentina


WYSTC 2017 Montreal

There’s more to work and travel than the J-1, at least according to this panel. Leave your J-1 obsession at the door and join this session to learn about some rising star destinations for working holidays and work experience travel.


Ana is the founder of LIVE IT OUT which offers hospitality and culinary internships to students from all around the world. She is the proud child of an Italian mother and a Spanish father, two nationalities that have shaped her love of travel and enthusiasm for visiting new places and getting to know other cultures.
Ana has lived in Italy and the United States and is managing the most thrilling business she could have ever imagined – a programme that offers young people the opportunity to explore a different country, share their lives with people from different areas of the world, make incredibly valuable connections and friendships, and have a unique experience that will last a lifetime.
She believes that travelling is the best gift we can give to young people, allowing them to gain the skills and experiences for their future personal and professional lives, being aware of different cultural values and norms, understanding people from other cultures, learning a new language, being more tolerant, and increasing understanding of local and international politics.

Vicki has worked in the youth travel sector for 15 years, spending the last 10 working for BUNAC. Established in 1962, BUNAC is a leading work and intern abroad specialist and a UK Tier 5, Grade A-rated Government Authorised Exchange sponsor. As Commercial Director for BUNAC UK & USA and IEP NZ & Australia, Vicki is responsible for driving growth, researching and implementing new work abroad opportunities, as well as developing BUNAC’s largest programme, Intern in Britain since it’s inception in 2009.

Anna joined TW Russia when the company was just setting up its inbound branch; being an intern then, now she holds a position of an Overseas Relation Officer. This company was the first and now is one of the most progressive organisations promoting Russia as a destination for internship opportunities in Youth Travel industry, not without Anna’s contribution. Having volunteered and participated in famous American J-1 programs with TravelWorks during her studies, Anna decided to make her career out of pushing mental boundaries and barriers for foreign students who don’t settle for being tourists, but want to be real travellers. During the first quarter of 2017 TravelWorks has recruited over 25 students and graduates from North America, Eastern Europe and even Australia, who at the moment are living, working and travelling in 7 Russian regions, not speaking about Moscow and St.Petersburg. Due to her millennial background, Anna keeps her supporting team on their toes with innovative and breaking ideas for a little brand-awareness extra boost or social media triggers, because she clearly understands what the generation needs and how to present them unbeaten global destinations. She passionately believes that one day Russia is known as one of the best youth travel destinations in the world.

Rafael Zelmann is the General Director of WATAR, Work and Travel Argentina. For the last ten years he has been active in the work and travel industry offering and developing inbound and outbound programmes in his home country of Argentina. He has a strong working knowledge of working holiday visas between Argentina and other countries.
Rafael has participated in many international gatherings around the world and has spoken at some of the most prestigious events and universities in Buenos Aires, Tucuman, Santa Fe, and Cordoba promoting cultural immersion, work and travel, and internship and volunteer programmes.
He is passionate about his job and believes that cultural exchange programmes offer powerful personal and professional growth to participants and result in positive impact for companies, organizations, and communities.