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Chinese students are 2.5x more likely to book on mobile and other valuable facts about student travel tech

Fredrick Elliott – StudentUniverse

ITB Berlin 2018, WYSE Workshop area – Wednesday, 7 March 2018 – 14:00 – 14:30

StudentUniverse has been selling travel to students for 17 years and with this comes a keen understanding of how students behave. Fredrick Elliott, StudentUniverse’s Head of Business Development, will examine how students from different geographies, cultures and age groups use travel technology. He will walk through multiple “personas”, a Chinese student, an American student and a British student, and examine the key differences.

This session is recommended for anyone trying to create more personalised approaches to marketing and product through a better understanding of behavioral differences that exist between different groups of students and youth travellers, more specifically:

  • Desktop vs mobile booking behaviours
  • Lead time and search behaviours before booking
  • Use of promo codes and sales offers
  • Utilisation of customer service
  • Most common destinations and key travel patterns


Fredrick Elliott is the Head of UK Business Development for StudentUniverse, the leading resource for student travel discounts. Fredrick has worked in student and youth travel since 2010 in a variety of roles, with a focus on growing successful business partnerships. He joined StudentUniverse in 2016 as part of StudentUniverse’s merger with