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ITB Berlin 2020 Workshop

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Beyond marketing: Driving audience engagement through branded partnerships

Kate Glover, Global VP of Sales, Culture Trip

Friday, 6 March 12:00 – 12:30
Hall 4.1, Stand 117 (WYSE Workshop area)

Session description

As marketing continues to develop at a rapid pace, audiences are no longer willing to just be sold to; they want to be taken on a journey and inspired to act. For Culture Trip content creation, and more importantly, branded content creation, has long been an important avenue in this pursuit of inspiring our audiences to engage with travel. In this talk, we will dive into how Culture Trip’s global creative community of over 600 local creatives allows us to produce unique and authentic branded stories that help reach younger consumers. First we’ll explain how we create this branded content and then delve into how we utilise our digital and social platforms to help brands like British Airways, GoPro, AMEX and more access places and people in impactful and engaging ways.


Kate Glover started her life at Culture Trip as a Sales Director, following roles in the brand partnership space at Endemol and ITV. Kate has led Culture Trip’s expansion of branded content partnerships over the past three years. Now Culture Trip’s Global VP of Sales, Kate has a full view of how brands can best utilise digital platforms to drive not only inspiration but purchase.

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