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Global Youth Travel Awards 2017

Best Travel Technology Product 2017

Travel Navigator by Ingle International

Travel Navigator is a web and mobile application that provides a one-stop spot for medical, security, and travel information before, during, and after a trip. It is a robust duty of care solution for travelling chaperones and students all over the world with one goal: to keep its traveller’s safe and informed.

Ingle International identified a gap in the market for a travel risk management technology platform. The student market was a clear fit for Travel Navigator as teachers and students continue to travel extensively for class trips. Education programmess require a duty of care solution to ensure student safety. Trying to locate chaperones and students all over the world was difficult to do in a timely manner, especially during an emergency. Travel Navigator fills this gap by providing real-time alerts, seamless communication features, and live traveller tracking.

The vision is to keep as many youth travellers safe and informed with all the information they need to feel secure and confident in their travels knowing help is only a click away. As the world continues to experience tragic events, Travel Navigator’s goal is to not instill fear into travellers but provide them with tools to feel empowered.