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Global Youth Travel Awards 2017

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Best Education Abroad Provider 2017

The Green Program

The GREEN Program was founded in 2009 by ambitious, knowledge-hungry undergraduate students who were dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities for the students seeking unique educational paths. At the age of 19, Melissa Lee, CoFounder and CEO, was feeling complacent with educational opportunities available at her home institution. Passionate about hands-on education and global experiences, Lee and her team quickly came to realize that this feeling of stagnation stemmed from the monotony of in-classroom education and traditional textbook learning.

Created for students, by students, The GREEN Program has introduced a new model for education abroad. Their accredited, short-term model focuses on bringing transformative experiences to students around the world and unlocking doors to governmental, public, and private facility access, exclusive tours, and unique bucket-list experiences. They work with universities around the world to redefine what a classroom should mean – from lecture halls to studying the effects of climate change on the top of our world’s glaciers.

As commitment partners to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, The GREEN Program exposes students to the heart and guts of these sustainability challenges and initiatives around the world. They help students maximize their winter, spring, and summer breaks in order to allow them to get in a fulfilling educational abroad experience within just 8-10 days. All the while, students are able to land that awesome internship they’ve had their eye on, complete summer classes needed to graduate on time, or challenge their idea towards global citizenship.

Currently in their 7th year, the GREEN Program operates over the spread of three continents, immersing students in innovative travel experiences in unique locations around the globe, from Iceland to Japan, from Thailand to Peru.

Learn more about the GREEN Program here.