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Policy and advocacy

With an estimated global value of USD 285 million in 2014, the youth, student and educational travel industry plays a critical role in driving growth for visitor economies around the world.

Combining the financial gains with demonstrated social and cultural benefits, the youth travel sector should be a focal point of every destination’s economic and tourism strategies.

Yet nations around the world are still failing to recognise the significance of youth travel. With poor policy frameworks and lack of capacity building programmes that foster development and growth, our industry continues to face challenging operating environments.

Addressing these issues, WYSE Travel Confederation provides industry leadership through ‘one voice’ advocacy and representation, along with business development services and networking opportunities for our community of over 600 members from over 120 countries.

Why is policy important to our members?

As an industry, we can’t take for granted that youth travel will receive the recognition and support it deserves. We also acknowledge that federal policy influences the development of the youth travel industry and believe that by championing a more favourable policy environment, youth travel mobility improves and as a result creates a more prosperous and sustainable industry.

This is where membership of WYSE Travel Confederation can be invaluable to your business and the industry as a whole. In addition to ensuring that you have a voice in the industry, you will be helping to drive the industry’s youth policy agenda.

The importance of unity

In challenging times when governments are faced with competing demands on their resources, it is vital that the industry has a considered, concerted and unified voice – which WYSE Travel Confederation represents. We work as a respected advocate, supporter of industry and a partner of your business to help you effectively manage your team of youth travel professionals.

WYSE Travel Confederation’s policy goals

Drawing specialised research and member and industry expertise, WYSE Travel Confederation has developed a policy agenda that aims to achieve shared objectives:

  • Unite the global youth travel industry to create one strong voice
  • Increase global recognition that youth travel is a driver for economic growth and increased social and cultural understanding.
  • Ensure WYSE Travel Confederation is at the forefront of debates on issues that affect the growth and development of the youth travel industry
  • Advocate policies and initiatives that are responsive to the needs of the youth travel industry with federal governments and their agencies’ programmes
  • Develop and present cohesive policy positions and encourage adoption of these to improve youth travel mobility and business development
  • Encourage destinations to have bi-lateral discussions that will lead to improved visa policies
  • Develop best practice industry guidelines to ensure quality experiences are delivered to youth travellers
  • Provide support for innovation and cooperation within the industry.

WYSE Policy