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Nomination Profile

Natalia de Isidoro Martín

Company: Alliance Abroad Spain – Yowork

Number of years as a WYSE Travel Confederation member: 28

Which Sector Panel do you fall under? Cultural Exchange

Years of relevant experience you have for this role: 17

Please indicate any relevant qualifications you have for this role
I am an entrepreneur woman who started her own business in Spain 8 years ago. I had to be (and still am) very strong to keep my business alive. I achieved my goal being honest, respectful, humble and committed to my passion: helping young people discover how multicultural and rich our world is.

Please give a full outline of your professional and personal experience and skills that are relevant to your application
I started working for this industry 17 years ago working for different companies in the Cultural Exchange sector. In 2013, I created my own company in Madrid (Yowork) and in 2019 Alliance Abroad Group acquired my company, and now we are AAG Spain – Yowork. I had the opportunity with them to jump from local to global, having now a bigger and more clear vision about the industry. Being an agent and having an AAG office in Spain is the perfect match to know all aspects about the cultural exchange programs. Being an agent let me understand what the young people need and everything they can share with us. I still work directly with them selling the programs and it is a very useful exercise so that we don ́t lose focus on the most important thing: students in need of discovering the world and discovering themselves in their best version: knowing and embracing diversity. At the same time, I can have the global understanding about the process and all the members of the experience. During these years I have been working with different kinds of programs, such as Summer Work & Travel, Summer Camp, Intern, Trainee, Academic Year (High School), Au Pair, etc. I am also proud to say that now we are running an Inbound Program in Spain for hospitality students. On a personal basis, I think the best way to describe me is: I never give up. I always try to improve myself and keep on learning.

In no more than 25 words please state why you are perfect for this position
As a Spanish Woman I would be the voice of the underrepresented Latin people showing how important diversity and integration is for the World.