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Nina Slupphaug

Company: Educatius Group

Job title: Operations & International Sales

How many years has your organisation been a continuous member? 1

Which Sector Panel do you fall under? Study Abroad

Years of relevant experience you have for this role: 10

Please indicate any relevant qualifications you have for this role
Work experience having worked in multiple roles in both STS Education and Educatius Group. My educational background from political science, public policy, and business, also means I have a well-rounded understanding and approach towards the challenges we face in our industry, how to continuously improve our work, and where we fit into our larger surroundings.

Please give a full outline of your professional and personal experience and skills that are relevant to your application
I formally started in this industry in 2012, but unofficially many years prior. I worked as a language counselor for a Norwegian language summer camp in Northern Minnesota, as a language tutor in college, and provided text for a Norwegian foreign language text book used in universities and colleges in the US. My educational background has always been international with a bachelor’s degree from an American university in government and business administration. I later came back to the US to complete a Master’s in Public Policy. After completing my Master’s degree I worked as a contributor to a Minnesota-based think tank.

In 2012, I joined Explorius in Norway, and was part of the journey from a small organization based in the Nordics to a world-wide organization now working as Educatius Group.

I started working at Explorius as a student coordinator, then was promoted to be a college program manager, assistant country manager, and finally country manager. I was part of the Norwegian organization as we went through exponential growth, before later taking on the challenge of Operations Manager for the European sending offices in the Educatius Group.
In 2017 I joined STS Education as Operations Manager, but was quickly promoted to be part of the Management Team, and was responsible for the junior programs operations in all countries, as well as the high school and university program operations.

During my time at STS I was strongly involved in our digitalization, all programs operations, and all quality improvement work.
In 2020, STS went through a re-structuring that saw the organization through a local bankruptcy while facing the challenges of the pandemic. I was happy to take the role as COO in the new organization and start the work to re-build the organization. During this time I also completed an EMBA with a global focus, a degree which has given not only a better academic ground for me to stand on, but a more diverse group of advisors to help me tackle my own professional challenges.

I also served on the CSIET organizational planning committee for the 2019 and 2020 conference.

I am now the VP of Operations at Educatius Europe with a particular responsibility for the customer journey, process improvement, quality work, and introducing and implementing our new CRM system.

In no more than 25 words please state why you are perfect for this position
I believe that my experience from the industry and complementary educational background provides me with a useful and unique perspective for this position.