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Student membership



  • Free access to WYSE research reports
  • Free access to the WYSE webinar library


€75 ISIC card holders
€100 non-ISIC



  • Must provide proof of university e-mail address
  • One-year membership
  • Not available to NTB/OTO, Service Providers or Associations
  • No voting rights and therefore not able to be voted on the Management Board or Sector Panels.
  • Excludes advertising and sponsorship packages
  • Excludes access to conference and booth discounts
  • Student Members cannot obtain letters of support from WYSE Travel Confederation
  • Student Members cannot use WYSE Travel Confederation’s logo

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Why Join?

1. Networking opportunities


  • Global community: Access to a global network of youth travel professionals, including service providers, educational institutions and tourism boards.

  • Business development: Opportunities to form partnerships, collaborations and gain new clients through networking events, online forums, and direct introductions.
  • 2. Educational resources and professional development


    • Industry insights: Members receive cutting-edge research, market analyses and trend reports that can inform strategic planning and decision-making.


    • Learning and development: Access to webinars, podcasts, workshops, seminars and panel discussions, focusing on industry best practices, innovation and professional growth.

    3. Marketing and visibility


    • Promotional opportunities: Enhanced visibility through listings in member directories, opportunities to be featured in newsletters and on social media, and use of the WYSE member badge for marketing.

    • Event participation: Priority access and discounts on tickets and booths at our industry events, as well as ITB Berlin.

    4. Advocacy and representation


    • Voice in policy making: WYSE advocates on behalf of its members for policies that support the growth and sustainability of youth travel. Membership offers a chance to contribute to these advocacy efforts.

    • Industry standards: Participation in setting and maintaining high standards within the youth travel industry, ensuring a quality experience for young travellers

    5. Exclusive member benefits


    • Discounts and offers: Members enjoy exclusive discounts on event registrations, advertising, and access to member-only services and products.

    • Mentorship and support: Opportunities for mentorship from seasoned industry leaders, along with support and advice from the WYSE team.

    6. Innovation and trends


    • Stay ahead of the curve:With access to the latest industry trends and innovations, members can adapt and innovate their offerings to meet the changing needs of the youth market.

    • Collaborative projects:Opportunities to participate in or initiate projects focused on innovation, sustainability and social impact within the travel sector.

    7. Global recognition


    • Industry credibility:Membership enhances credibility and trustworthiness among clients and partners by associating with a respected and recognised global organisation.

    • Awards and recognition:Opportunities to gain recognition through awards and accolades for contributions to the industry and community.