If you do not have your login details, contact the WYSE Travel Confederation membership team on +31 (0)20 421 2800 or email membership@wysetc.org.

Membership types and fees

Membership of WYSE Travel Confederation is open to organisations engaged in providing youth and student travel products and services.

If you are involved in providing products and services to the youth and student travel industry, there is a Confederation membership type to fit your organisation. Please see below for an overview of our current membership fees.

If you are not sure which WYSE Travel Confederation membership category your organisation belongs to, please view the description below.

Elite Members

Is suitable for organisations who wish to have the highest profile within WYSE Travel Confederation and who are active attendees of WYSE conferences and events. Elite membership provides with the highest possible returns in relation to networking, promotion and trading. An Elite member and its subsidiaries have full access to the benefits of WYSE Travel Confederation including being able to stand for board roles and can influence on decision-making with 1 vote.

Full Members

Those specialising in youth travel, student travel and/or international education services may apply to become Full Members. This membership type applies to almost all organisations, except those with extremely low or high levels of activity in the industry. Full members have full access to the benefits and services across all industry panels. Each Full Member shall have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the WYSE Travel Confederation and to stand for WYSE Travel Confederation board positions.

Buyer Members

Organisations who solely send youth & student travellers abroad can apply to become a Buyer member. Each Buyer Member shall have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting of WYSE Travel Confederation and to stand for WYSE Travel Confederation board positions. Approved Buyer Members will receive one hosted buyer registration to WYSTC, attendees will have to abide by the WYSTC Buyer Terms and Conditions.

Service Members

Commercial organisations that are not specialists in the field of international education, youth and student travel, but are active in providing ancillary student and youth travel and/or international education products or services. This category could include insurance companies, airlines and other pertinent suppliers to our industry. Service members are non-voting and can’t stand for WYSE Travel Confederation board positions.

Association Members

Is available to membership organisations and associations. Benefits apply to an association staff only and not to its members. An Association member has no rights to vote and can’t stand for WYSE Travel Confederation board positions.

NTB/OTO Members

The following types of organisations may apply to become NTB/OTO members:

  • NTB Members (National Tourism Boards): i.e. governmental authority responsible for the development of tourism in a specific country.
  • OTO Members (Official Tourism Organisation): i.e. organisations with official sanction to operate on behalf of government authority (NTA) at any level i.e. local, regional or national.

NTB and OTO Members are non-voting members.

Student Members

This is one year membership and Is only available to students currently enrolled at a University programme. This membership category will give students free access to our research publications. In order to qualify for the Student membership, students will need to provide proof of their University enrolment. To become a member simply fill in our Student membership application form.


Alternatively, you can also contact our membership services department who will be happy to assist you further and answer your questions:
E-mail: membership@wysetc.org
Phone: +31 20 421 2800