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Join WYSE Travel Confederation and position your organisation at the heart of the global youth travel industry

WYSE members have access to new international trading partners, discounts to industry events, exclusive market intelligence, special promotional opportunities, the latest industry news, and a range of educational tools. If you would like to join the leaders in the industry, read on to find out which membership type best suits your organisation.

Our members

Consisting of more than 600 members from 70 countries, our global community is the world’s most powerful and extensive network of youth and student travel professionals. Members of WYSE Travel Confederation collectively serve over 40 million young travellers a year and are the leaders in the unique types of travel products and services that young people utilise.

Membership types

We have 9 membership types for you to choose from. Whether you are a small or big organisation, a tour operator, a tourism board or a student, we have the right membership type for you.

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As the world’s biggest student, youth and adventure travel company, STA Travel’s membership of WYSE is critical to the success of our business.  Regular newsletters keep us up-to-date with what’s happening in the youth travel industry, while their in-depth research pieces (such as ‘New Horizons’) help us stay across the longer-term trends.  Our attendance at trade shows including WYSTC and STAY WYSE is also essential to meet with potential new suppliers and for networking with existing partners.

Julian Lawman

STA Travel

Our four pillars

Membership includes special access to WYSE Travel Confederation’s four pillars, which are: Trading & Events, Research, Education and Advocacy.

As a WYSE member you will benefit from each of our four pillars.

  • Industry events
  • Business introductions
  • New trading partners
  • Global networking
  • Research publications
  • Market intelligence
  • Industry insights
  • Valuable data
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • 120+ Speakers
  • Unified industry voice
  • Voting rights
  • Board members
  • Destination development

Membership benefits


Trading & Events

WYSE Travel Confederation creates trading opportunities for buyers and sellers of youth travel products and services through its promotional opportunities and portfolio of events by facilitating business to businesses introductions, the sharing of expertise and best practices, and the providing of valuable industry insights.

Promotional opportunities

New member article
Every new member has the opportunity to place an introductory article about their organisation in the News section of our website. This article is also promoted via our weekly newsletter and through our social media channels to provide maximum exposure.

Member update articles
Members can provide news articles and press releases about their organisations at any time and we will place these in our news section, while promoting through our weekly newsletter and social media channels.

Online listing
Every member will have their organisation listed in the “Find members” section of our website, including a link back to their website.

Member introductions
Members can take advantage of member to member introductions that are performed by us to facilitate B2B activity between our members.


WYSE events include face-to-face business meetings, educational sessions from top industry leaders, sponsored networking sessions and much more. Depending on your level of WYSE membership, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

Discounts on event registrations (excluding WYSTC)
Members receive discounts on delegate registrations for all WYSE Travel Confederation events (excluding the World Youth and Student Travel Conference). This benefit is aimed at enabling members to make the most out of the trading opportunities available at WYSE Travel Confederation events.

Discounts on World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) registrations
The World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) is the leading trade event for the global youth, student and educational travel industry with more than 600 delegates attending annually. Depending on your membership type, your organisation will receive a discount on each delegate registration to the event.

Discount on a World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) booth
Depending on your membership type, your organisation will receive a discount on your booth at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference.

Access to ITB Berlin Booth
Depending on your membership type, your organisation will have the opportunity to co-exhibit at the WYSE Travel Confederation booth at ITB Berlin. Member organisations utilise this opportunity to gain more visibility, increased foot traffic and greater brand awareness at one of the worlds largest travel conferences.

More trading opportunities

Use of WYSE Logo
Depending on your membership type, you will have access to using the WYSE Travel Confederation logo in print and online marketing collateral, as well as on websites. This logo is recognisable industry wide and will show that your organisation is a trusted member of the youth travel industry community.

Letter of Support
Depending on your membership type, your organisation will be entitled to receive a letter of support from WYSE Travel Confederation verifying your participation in the youth, student and educational travel industry’s most powerful industry body. This letter can be used in situations where an organisation needs industry support in promoting or developing important youth travel initiatives.

Subsidiary organisations
If your organisation has one or more subsidiary youth and student travel organisations under the same ownership then you can save money by adding them to your membership for only € 200 per brand (free for Elite membership). Both the principal membership organisation and the subsidiary organisation will benefit independently from the full range of member benefits.


Research and Education

The WYSE research programme aims to provide the youth travel community with the data and market intelligence it needs to develop the policies, services, and products that make international travel and educational experiences exciting, safe, accessible, and affordable for young people. Depending on your membership type, your organisation will benefit by having full access to WYSE Travel Confederation research publications, including industry-wide and sector specific data.

In conjunction with our research programme, WYSE Travel Confederation has many resources to further educate players in the youth travel industry. These include seminars, webinars and workshops delivered over the course of a year by more than 120 informed industry experts. All membership types will:

  • Have full access to all our educational material
  • Have opportunities to share your expertise and experience as a speaker in our educational programme (webinars, seminars and workshops).
  • Be able to shape our industry research and education work by sharing your ideas and business needs
  • Receive our members-only newsletters offering the latest industry updates

Sponsoring WYSE Travel Confederation research and education material is only available to Elite members



WYSE Travel Confederation contributes to the youth and student travel industry by:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of the youth and student travel industry that, as one of the fastest growing sectors within travel and tourism, now supports 67 million jobs and generates 2.4% of global GDP.
  • Calling on tourism authorities to take youth travel into account when developing tourism strategies. This ensures that related destinations benefit from the positive impacts youth travel can bring.
  • Championing policies that are inclusive, pro-growth and based on solid research
  • Enabling major industry players to speak as one voice when dealing with governments and international bodies

Voting rights and Management board
Certain levels of WYSE membership include the opportunity to have voting rights as well as to become members of the Management Board and Sector Panels.

Voting rights
Full, Elite, Associate and Service Provider Members are member types that have voting rights (unless your organization has historic voting rights – if not sure, please check with the WYSE membership team). Having voting rights allows you to directly affect the way WYSE Travel Confederation is governed and managed. For example, members are asked to vote for their representatives on the Sector Panels and Management Board. Voting rights also allow members to put forward their suggestions on changing ways of governance.

Management board
Full, Elite, Associate and Service Provider Members are member types eligible to be elected to the Management Board and Sector Panels. Elections to these positions take place annually. Candidates for these vacancies are selected in advance by Nomination Committees. Our Management Board oversees the implementation of decisions made by our members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) each year.