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Buyer membership

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Buyer membership benefits

Trading and events

+ Promotional opportunities

Member introductions
Members can take advantage of member to member introductions that are performed by us to facilitate B2B activity between our members.

New member article
Every new member has the opportunity to place an introductory article about their organisation in the News section of our website. This article is also promoted via our weekly newsletter and through our social media channels to provide maximum exposure.

Member update articles
Members can provide news articles and press releases about their organisations at any time and we will place these in our news section, while promoting through our weekly newsletter and social media channels.

Online listing
Every member will have their organisation listed in the “Find members” section of our website, including a link back to their website.

+ Discounts on event registrations (excluding WYSTC)

As a Buyer member you will be prioritised for hosted buyer spots at our events which are relevant to your business and will be the first to hear about them. You will also receive a member registration discount for our events that do not have a Buyer Programme, such as WETM-IAC.

Buyer members receive discounted non-buyer delegate registrations for all WYSE Travel Confederation events (excluding the World Youth and Student Travel Conference). This benefit is aimed at enabling members to make the most out of the trading opportunities available at WYSE Travel Confederation events.

+ One discounted delegate registration at WYSTC

The World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) is the leading trade event for the global youth, student and educational travel industry with more than 600 delegates attending each year. As a Buyer member, your organisation will be permanently guaranteed one discounted Hosted Buyer registration for WYSTC at € 299, meaning that you will be able to register one delegate in the cheapest available Hosted Buyer category every year without having to apply and go through the WYSTC Buyer Programme selection process (note that hosted flights and accommodation are not guaranteed).

- Discount on a booth at WYSTC

As a Buyer member this benefit does not apply to your organisation.

+ Access to a co-exhibiting booth at ITB Berlin

Buyer members have the opportunity to co-exhibit at the WYSE Travel Confederation booth at ITB Berlin. WYSE members can utilise this opportunity to gain more visibility, increase the number of stand visitors and boost brand awareness at one of the world’s largest travel conferences.

+ Use of WYSE Travel Confederation logo

Buyer members will be able to use the WYSE Travel Confederation logo in print and online marketing collateral, as well as on websites. This will show that the organisation is a trusted member of the youth travel industry community. The WYSE Travel Confederation logo is recognisable industry-wide and shows involvement in and commitment to the youth, student and educational travel industry.

+ Letter of Support

Buyer members will receive a letter of support from WYSE Travel Confederation verifying participation in the youth, student and educational travel industry’s most powerful industry body. This letter can be used in situations where an organisation needs industry support in promoting or developing important youth travel initiatives.

+ Adding subsidiaries at € 200 for each brand

If your organisation has one or more subsidiary youth and student travel organisations under the same ownership, then you can save money by adding them to your membership for only € 200 per brand. Both the principal membership organisation and subsidiary organisation will benefit independently from the full range of member benefits.

Research and Education

+ Free access to WYSE research reports

The WYSE research programme aims to provide the youth travel community with the data and market intelligence it needs to develop the policies, services, and products that make international travel and educational experiences exciting, safe, accessible, and affordable for young people. As a Buyer member your organisation will benefit by having full access to WYSE Travel Confederation research publications, including industry-wide and sector specific data.

+ Free access to WYSE webinars

In conjunction with our research programme, WYSE Travel Confederation has many resources to further educate players in the youth travel industry. These include seminars, webinars and workshops delivered over the course of a year by more than 120 informed industry experts. As a Buyer member you will:

  • Have full access to all our educational material
  • Have opportunities to share your expertise and experience as a speaker in our educational programme (webinars, seminars and workshops).
  • Be able to shape our industry research and education work by sharing your ideas and business needs
  • Receive our members-only newsletters, which highlight the latest industry updates
- Able to sponsor research and webinar material

Sponsoring WYSE Travel Confederation research and education material is only available to Elite members.


+ Voting rights

Full, Elite, Buyer and Service Provider Members are member types that have voting rights (unless your organization has historic voting rights – if not sure, please check with the WYSE membership team). Having voting rights allows you to directly affect the way WYSE Travel Confederation is governed and managed. For example, members are asked to vote for their representatives on the Sector Panels and Management Board. Voting rights also allow members to put forward their suggestions on changing ways of governance.

+ Management board

Full, Elite, Buyer and Service Provider Members are member types eligible to be elected to the Management Board and Sector Panels. Elections to these positions take place annually. Candidates for these vacancies are selected in advance by Nomination Committees. Our Management Board oversees the implementation of decisions made by our members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) each year.

Additional conditions

Auto renewal

Buyer membership with WYSE Travel Confederation is an automatically renewing membership. If a member does not wish for their membership to be renewed automatically, they must give due notice outlined in Article 7.3 in the Articles of Association.


Buyer membership is available to organisations that buy only, and therefore do not receive youth travellers.


€ 800 per year


For any questions regarding membership,
don’t hesitate to contact us:
+31 (0)20 421 2800