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Nomination Profile

Louise Garner

Company: Clink Hostels

Job title: Commercial Director

Which Sector Panel do you fall under? Accommodation

Years of relevant experience you have for this role: 25

Please indicate any relevant qualifications you have for this role
Commercial Director at Clink Hostels, worked in hospitality industry for over two decades, mostly luxury hotels in the US, UK and Europe.
Sat on the Accommodation panel for the past couple of years.

Please give a full outline of your professional and personal experience and skills that are relevant to your application
Senior and well connected leader in the hospitality industry, mostly hotels and transitioned to hostels in 2019. Actively participated in the Accommodation panel meetings and helped present a call on Revenue Management in a recovering market to our WYSE members. Passionate about our industry and believe communication skills will help drive the Accommodation Panel to deliver on projects and issues that are important to our members.

In no more than 25 words please state why you are perfect for this position
I believe I have a clear understanding of the Confederation’s mission to assist members and I will not be shy in helping achieve this.