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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Legal needs when travelling

Alex Thompson – Founder & CEO,
James Lawrence – Director, Peregrine Risk Management
Alon Zaibert

Recorded on 19 May 2020

This session reviews new global travel safety risk trends and make the case for travellers to have access to legal services when travelling. Panellists Alex Thompson ( James Lawrence (Peregrine Risk Management), and Alon Zaibert discuss the importance of legal services while travelling, what options exist for global legal support, how to select the right local partner of legal services and what the most valuable service options are for global legal services.

Alex Thompson
Founder and CEO,
Alex is a lawyer with 22 years of experience dealing with international clients. Alex co-founded in 2016 with the intention to create a unique and innovative platform of worldwide-local legal rules at the service of the travel industry. In time, Legaroo has increased its services to international legal assistance and has grown to cover more than 70 countries. Alex currently serves as a member of the Travel Safety Industry Panel of WYSE Travel Confederation.

James Lawrence
Director, Peregrine Risk Management
James is a Director of Peregrine Risk Management and he has over 25 years of international security and risk management experience. He has worked extensively in complex and high-risk regions and specialised in the delivery of strategic risk management solutions that encompass crisis and emergency planning, travel risk management, hotel security and corporate risk consultancy. James has developed and implemented travel safety programmes across many sectors which have enabled safe and secure travel around the world. Recently James developed the new security, transportation and incident management chapters within the ABTA Tourism Accommodation Health & Safety Technical Guide. With a master’s degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management he possesses vast expertise in the delivery of global risk management and security services.

Alon Zaibert
Alon is a relationship-driven sales executive who has taken advantage of his energetic personality and interpersonal psychology throughout his career. Along with a track record of bottom-line results and management experience, Alon has achieved the reputation of an impactful and motivational leader. In his most recent corporate role, Alon worked for Travel Leaders Group (TLG), as the Vice President of Sales for TLG’s corporate travel division (TLC). Alon’s true passion is to give through mentoring, motivational speaking engagement and coaching around utilising the power of emotional relevance throughout different means of communication.


Wendy Morrill, WYSE Travel Confederation

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