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Best practices for international agencies that help promote mutual understanding through the Bridge USA Programme

Below are recommendations for improving relationships with U.S. embassies abroad:

  • Respond to all consular communication in a clear and timely fashion.
  • Attend all meetings organised by the embassy or consulate in your region.
  • Share your processes and demonstrate a deep understanding of the programmes.
  • Build a long-term relationship with your local (non-U.S.) consular staff.
  • Request an annual or semi-annual meeting at the consulate with either American officers, non-U.S. staff, or both.
  • Invite consulate officials to orientations.
  • Invite consulate officials to alumni or post-programme events.
  • Communicate with consulate officials periodically about your efforts to improve participant return rates.
  • Send periodic holiday greetings to stay in touch.