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WYSE COVID-19 Safe Accommodation Declaration

WYSE Travel Confederation offers a self-declaration process for accommodation providers to declare that they adhere to local and national standards of operating, as well as to WYSE Travel Confederations standards of guest care.

In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic and insecurity by travellers as to what standard of accommodation they may have booked, we see this as an essential declaration by the provider of their desire to offer the safest and cleanest place possible to travellers.

This declaration is open to any accommodation provider free of charge for 2020 and WYSE Travel Confederation members will receive an enhanced listing on the WYSE website along with a door sticker to confirm their adherence to the scheme.

All providers will declare that they operate, at least, to these standards and most definitely to the standards stipulated by their local authorities. They also confirm, for the validity of this declaration, that they will continue to operate to the standards and procedures set out herein. 

Accommodation providers will be subjected to spot checks by WYSE Travel Confederation and in the event of the provider not being able to submit the required proof of undertaking the procedures, will be removed from WYSE Travel Confederation list of declared providers.

All declarations will be made public on the WYSE Travel Confederation website for viewing by potential users. 

Any enquiries about the declaration process should be sent to membership@wysetc.org.