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Destination Development

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Destination Development Programme

Today, nations around the world are facing increasing levels of competition and recognise that in order to be a competitive and appealing youth travel destination, a comprehensive and holistic destination development strategy is required; an integrated process that is founded on a well-informed and collaborative strategic framework that can deliver initiatives to drive visitor growth.

Endorsed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), WYSE Travel Confederation has launched a Destination Development Programme that offers a comprehensive suite of support services that will help destinations:

  • Better understand the youth market
  • Achieve strategic development goals
  • Create compelling experiences
  • Foster sustainable growth

Endorsed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), WYSE Travel Confederation offers a Destination Development Programme which includes a comprehensive suite of support services that will help destination; in particular local, regional and national tourism boards who want to leverage the international inbound youth market.  WYSE Travel Confederation can also support industry associations with lobbying efforts as part of the programme.

Link to WEA as example of DD

Youth Travel in South Africa

In the 2014 Millennial Traveller survey conducted by WYSE Travel Confederation, South Africa ranked as the favourite destination for young travellers who had already visited the country.
In anticipation of WYSTC 2015, we have extrapolated South African data from two recent industry surveys to bring you the Youth Travel in South Africa research report, free to download.

Youth Travel and Serbia

Lonely Planet ranked Belgrade fifth in its ‘Top ten best places to be in 2015’ list and the number of hostels in Belgrade has increased dramatically in the last few years, reflecting the rapid growth in youth tourism demand. This report outlines the key characteristics of Serbia’s inbound and outbound youth travel markets and the potential that exists to strengthen this up-and-coming youth travel destination.

Youth Travel and Canada

Canada attracted 20 million international arrivals in 2016 therefore it is not surprising that tourism ranks in the country’s top ten sources of export revenue. Youth Travel and Canada is based on findings from WYSE Travel Confederation’s New Horizons III survey and outlines the main characteristics of the country’s inbound and outbound youth and student travellers.

Your Destination Development Plan

Industry growth platforms: equipping the industry for success

Achieving success within the youth travel industry does not solely revolve around having a unique destination or attractive product offering. Destination success also relies heavily on the ability to access the most effective distribution channels. We have built up an influential and strong community of leading youth travel buyers from around the globe and can help your industry build valuable relationships.

WYSE Travel Confederation has decades of experience designing and delivering successful industry capacity building programmes and based on the priorities and objectives of your destination, we will create a development framework that will enhance and equip industry stakeholders, enabling them to leverage the international youth travel market and help showcase the overall destination.

Services include:

•  Targeted business-to business trade events

•  Educational conferences

•  Tailored seminars, workshops and webinars

Policy and Advocacy: removing barriers to growth

WYSE Travel Confederation proactively represents the views of the youth travel industry through a ‘one voice’ approach to increase global recognition that youth travel is a key driver for economic growth and increased social and cultural understanding.

We also acknowledge that federal policy influences and in some cases, restricts the development of the youth travel industry and believe that by championing a more favourable policy environment, industry capacity strengthens, youth travel mobility improves and as a result successful and sustainable destinations are created.

Services include:

• Advice on how to establish industry advocacy groups to engage with government

• Targeted youth travel policy advice

• Government submissions to support advocacy efforts

Bespoke research: understanding youth travel

Data collection and analysis is a fundamental step toward developing a successful youth travel destination. WYSE research is based on primary sources and helps destinations to understand the characteristics, motivations and needs of young travellers and the industry that supports them.

Services include:

•  Supply and demand data

•  Market analysis

•  Competitor destination analysis

•  Destination performance

•  Bespoke surveys

Product development guidance: enriching the visitor experience

Creating and implementing a successful destination management plan, is underpinned by the availability of products, services and experiences that meet visitor needs, demand and expectations, whilst reflecting the destination’s brand.

Youth travel is a dynamic industry with travel trends and behaviour continually evolving, by leveraging our market insights and data, we will help destinations examine their current product offering, identify gaps and design a strategy that will address the needs of youth travellers and help to achieve a competitive positioning within the international marketplace.

Adopting a best practice approach when developing youth travel products and services is also key in working towards a sustainable future where destinations are not only competitive, but also provide safe, enjoyable and memorable experiences to young travellers. WYSE Travel Confederation encourages ethical behaviour and responsible practices amongst its members and wider industry to support the advancement of global youth travel.

We can assist destinations develop industry standard guidelines that will help create a best practice approach.

Services include:

•  Supply, demand and gap analysis

•  Product feasibility studies

•  Product development strategy

•  Best practice guidelines


Our approach to working with destinations in developing successful strategic frameworks varies from project to project. Based on requirements and depth of project, a specialised team will be established, to include a dedicated Project Director. The initial project phase may involve face-to-face consultation with you in-destination/location to establish a terms of reference document which will formulate the needs and associated direction of the project.


• National tourism administrations

• Destination management organisations

• Regional and local government tourism organisations and associations.


Between four and 12 months, depending on your requirements.