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Certification requirements

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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If you are an existing WYSE Travel Confederation accommodation provider member and you wish to complete the certification, click here. If you are not a member, but wish to carry WYSE Travel Confederation certification, click here for membership information.

Establishments completing the certification will be asked to confirm each of the following.


My establishment holds current and valid licences required by local laws and regulations to operate as a hostel/student accommodation/guest house (as applicable).


My establishment holds and maintains all necessary insurances to properly operate the property protecting employees, customers and visitors to the establishment (e.g. employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance etc.)

Fire Safety

My establishment complies with all local fire safety laws and regulations.
In addition, I certify that my establishment:

  • Conducts daily checks to ensure escape routes are clear and fire doors are not locked or blocked
  • Has an emergency evacuation alarm, checked weekly, that is loud enough to wake persons sleeping
  • Has a documented emergency plan and escape route maps in every room, with fire exit signage
  • Conducts, and documents, regular formal fire hazard risk assessments

Health and Hygiene

My establishment fully complies with all local health and hygiene laws and regulations.
In addition, I certify that my establishment:

  • Provides hand soap or anti-bacterial hand gel in all bathrooms
  • Performs daily cleaning of all bathrooms, bedrooms and public areas with appropriate cleaning products
  • Thoroughly washes all bed and bath linens at the end of each guest’s stay, or after 5 days (whichever occurs first)
  • Performs daily checks for bed bugs when cleaning bedrooms, with appropriate documented action plans in the event that bed bug activity is detected

Food Handling

My establishment fully complies with all local food handling laws and regulations.
In addition, I certify that my establishment:

  • Complies with regulations regarding food preparation, including refrigeration, food use-by dates, and proper and adequate food heating
  • Maintains and implements a documented kitchen cleaning program

Confirm, or, my establishment does not serve or sell food


My establishment fully complies with all local alcohol laws and regulations.
In addition, I certify that my establishment:

  • Holds the necessary liquor licences
  • Has appropriate policies in place to ensure staff comply with regulations and signage surrounding the sale of alcohol to minors and intoxicated persons

Confirm, or, my establishment does not serve or sell alcohol

Information and Data Protection

My establishment fully complies with local information and data protection laws and regulations.
In addition, I certify that my establishment:

  • Ensures secure storage of all guest information, including digital information on secure password protected computers and servers, and physical safe storage for retained identity documents (e.g. passports)
  • Has policies and provides training for staff surrounding the knowledge, use, sharing or disclosure of guest information

Customer Welfare

Irrespective of the local regulations, my establishment adopts the WYSE Travel Confederation guest charter requirements.

Applicant Declaration

I confirm and declare that:

  • I am authorised to complete this certification on behalf of my establishment.
  • All questions answered, and information provided is true and correct.
  • I am aware that providing false or misleading answers or information, may result in cancellation of my WYSE Travel Confederation membership and disqualification from holding membership for a period of 5 years.
  • I am aware that I am under an ongoing obligation to continue to uphold and maintain the standards imposed by this certification process in order to maintain a WYSE Travel Confederation membership.
  • I am prepared and able to provide documentary proof of licences, insurances or records of documented checks if requested by WYSE Travel Confederation.