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Board positions 2016

Each year a number of positions become available on the Management Board and on the Industry Advisory Panels. For 2016, there are some slight differences as this is the first time that we have had elections under the new Articles of Association and Rules and Regulations.

So, how does it work this year?

AP voting process p5a
 (click the graphic above for a large view)

Most members are classified in accordance with their primary, and often secondary business interests and as a result they then fall under “member of a specific class” which is the route to voting for specific Advisory Panel members.

For example, all members whose primary business interests are in Accommodation, will be Full Members A and will be able to vote for Panel Members for the Budget Accommodation Advisory Panel. Those members whose primary business interests lie in work or cultural exchange will be categorised as Full Members B and will vote for Panel Members for the Work/ cultural exchange, volunteer and au pair panel. A company who works in both areas will be categorised as both Full Members A and B and will be able to vote for both panels.

Each panel will have up to five members and some panels have reserved places for Sector Association representation for IAPA and IASIS. Please see the schematic for details.

During the voting process, members will vote for the Advisory Board members and, at the same time, the Advisory Board Chairperson who will then by “deed of nomination” be allocated a seat on the Management Board.

In addition, there are three seats available to any member who wishes to stand. These members do not have to be from any ‘specific class’ to stand.

All members who wish to stand for Advisory Panel or Management Board seats must have been a member for more than one year and be a member of good standing, with all fees paid on time.

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