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Board and panel commitments


What is the commitment if I was elected and what can I gain from being on the Board or a Panel?

Being elected to either the Management Board or to an Advisory Panel is quite an achievement and an honour! You will be there to represent your segment of the industry and to provide us with valuable input and guidance on industry intelligence.

The commitment we need from you is commitment! Generally, most panels and the Management Board will have a conference call once per month which will last between 60 and 90 minutes. You will receive reports and other papers in advance for reading so the actual call can be quick and efficient. On average, your time commitment would be about four hours per month.

The positions are honorary, this means that you won’t get paid for your time and input, but we do pay expenses that have been incurred as part of the board or panel activities. For example attending a meeting in a non conference location.

We generally try to get board and panel meetings to coincide with a relevant conference, so the Budget Accommodation panel would meet in Amsterdam in January and the Cultural Exchange panel at WETM-IAC in March, to try and keep costs down and to be more efficient.

The expenses we pay have to be based upon economy air fares but you are welcome to pay the difference if you prefer to fly in business class. Where meetings are in Amsterdam then the Secretariat will book accommodation for you and we will cover meals whilst the meeting is going on.

However, we do recognise that you give a considerable commitment to the Confederation’s direction and success and so from 2017 all Management Board members will be given a complimentary ticket, for their personal use, to WYSTC as a very large thank you for the dedication.