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WYSE Travel Confederation would like to invite all our members to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held during the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) in Belgrade.

Date: Tuesday, 20 September 2016
Time: 15:30
Venue: The Pacific Ballroom, Crowne Plaze Hotel, Vladimira Popovica 10 Beograd, Belgrade. 11070, Serbia

During the AGM we will be presenting our activities from the last year and also looking at the business plan for the coming twelve months. In addition, we will be presenting the annual accounts and budgets as well as ratifying and approving our new members.

Importantly, we will also be electing new members to the Management Board and to the Advisory Panels. All voting members of WYSE can stand for one of these positions provided that they have been a full member for more than one year and are up to date with membership fees.

The AGM is open to all WYSE Travel Confederation members and forms an essential part of your membership. It is important that you are there to hear about the work we are doing on your behalf, have your say and directly contribute to our future direction.

Please note, this AGM is for the new Dutch WYSE Travel Confederation and not for the old Danish entities although we will be reporting full financial matter from the old Confederation.

Please click here to view the agenda.

Management Board and Advisory Panel vacancies

As this is the first year of the newly constituted WYSE Travel Confederation, there are a number of places available on the Advisory Panels. Members, who have been members of WYSE Travel Confederation for more than one year, are able to stand for election and vote for candidates.

Being part of an Advisory Panel or the WYSE Management Board gives you opportunities to be part of the guiding force behind the Confederation. You will get to meet other board members who are generally senior influencers and your personal profile will be raised within the community.

For information on the board vacancies, please click here.

Proxy voting 

Any Full Individual member who is not able to attend the AGM can appoint another Full Individual Member or the AGM Chairman to vote by proxy on its behalf by completing and signing the Proxy Designation form.

Click here for more information and to access the Proxy Designation form.


All the relevant documents required for the AGM are available on the website for you to examine them before the event. Please note that in order to be more environmentally friendly, only financial documentation will be given out at the AGM.

 WYSTC 2016

As the AGM is being held during WYSTC 2016, if you haven’t already registered, we very much like to encourage you all to attend this year’s event, which takes place in Belgrade, Serbia from Tuesday, 20 – Friday, 23 September 2016. Please note, however, that you do not need to register for WYSTC if you only wish to attend the AGM.

WYSE Travel Confederation members receive a significant discount on WYSTC registration and the event provides a fantastic opportunity for delegates to network and trade with hundreds of organisations across the globe.

Visit www.wystc.org for more information, including the full programme.

We very much look forward to welcoming you all to the AGM and to WYSTC 2016 in Belgrade in September.